Generate DTS Documentation in four easy steps.

Have you ever worked as DBA? Then you would know how hard it is to keep track of all DTS packages and ongoing changes. Especially if you inherited the database from some-body else. DTS Documenter is a one simple yet powerfull tool to make your life a bit easier. It is easy to use and it will generate DTS documentation for you in a matter of seconds. You can analyse existing packages and research inconsistancies or redundancies in the existing DTS solutions.

DTS Documentation Generator

Main Features:

These are key features of DTS Documenter:
Document DTS packages like a PRO. Ready to use DTS documentation is one step away. It will allow you to visualize existing packages, discover data flow dependencies and analyse overall process flow. Every experienced DBA knows - it is much wiser to predict problem, then face it unprepared. Top level view will allow you to enforce the Naming Conventions, optimize redundant tasks, troubleshoot high demand processes and imporve performance of your enterprise.
This indispensable product will generate documentation for these DTS features.
  • Document Package Information
  • Top level package overview:
  • Document Database Connections.
  • Document Data Tasks:.
    • Active scripts
    • Bulk insert
    • Create process
    • Data driven query
      • Transformations
      • Lookups
    • Data pump
      • Transformations
      • Lookups
    • Dynamic properties
    • Execute package
    • FTP
    • Message queue
    • Transfer databases
    • Transfer errors
    • Transfer logins
    • Transfer master stored procedures
    • Transfer jobs
    • Transfer objects
    • Send mail
    • Analysis Services
      • Olap process
      • Prediction
  • Document Data Steps.
  • Add nice icons to the documentation.
  • Generate documentation in text and html formats.
  • See sample of the generated documentation for DTS package.
  • NEW:Generate DTS package call tree, so you can all direct and indirect children of this package:
  • NEW:Display Task dependencies and execution order.:

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Select DTS Package
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Installation requirements:

You will need to have SQL Server 2000 installed either localy or available in the domain. If you run it from workstation without SQL Server installed, you will need at least install the SQL Server Tools, which will install the DTS access components to the workstation.
The SQL Server service pack 2 is required for the DTS documenter, and the latest service pack is recommended.

Latest SQL Server service pack can be found here:

DTS Documenter is a .Net application and and you will need to have the .Net framework 1.1 installed before you can use it.

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